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Social media represents a treasure trove of potential customers, with nearly 4.5 billion people using social media platforms worldwide. Companies globally are harnessing this marketing opportunity to connect with and target potential clients across various platforms. To guarantee that your brand not only stands out but also leaves a lasting impact on social media, you require top-tier content: high-quality posts featuring visually appealing images, professional-grade visual creatives, and impeccably written copies. This is precisely where our expertise comes into play.

Our team of marketing experts specializes in:

Audience Identification: We meticulously identify your target audience and conduct in-depth analyses of their social media behaviors.

Optimal Posting Times: By leveraging data, we determine the exact times when your posts should be made to maximize engagement.

Content Creation: Our talented designers and writers craft top-quality posts that present your brand in the most favorable light.

Paid Advertising: We employ paid advertising strategies to swiftly boost your reach and expand your brand’s visibility.

Smart Retargeting: Our retargeting strategies are finely tuned to ensure higher conversion rates, keeping your brand at the forefront of potential customers’ minds.

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Social Media Marketing For Business

Social media is a goldmine of potential customers. There are nearly 4.5 billion people using social media worldwide. Companies around the world are making use of this marketing opportunity and targeting potential clients across platforms. In order to ensure that your brand stands out on social media and creates a lasting impact, you need high quality posts, with aesthetic images, professional visual creatives, and well-written copies. That’s where we come in.

Our marketing experts identify your target audience, analyze their social media behavior, and figure out the exact time your posts should be made in order to ensure maximum engagement. Our designers and writers create quality posts that reflect your brand in the best light. We also use paid advertising for quick boosts in reach, and smart retargeting that ensures higher conversions.

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Our Custom Social Media Marketing Services

All social media platforms are unique and bring with them their own kinds of audiences. Our digital marketers analyze your business and its target audiences in order to identify the best platforms for your brand. This guarantees you have a strategy that is specifically devised for you. We build the best possible social media campaigns that ensure a strong presence and high brand awareness.

Take a look at our wide array of social media specialities:

Facebook Marketing

Sageties's tried and tested Facebook marketing strategies have the potential to boost both visibility as well as conversions for your brand. We help you reach clients with well-written posts, professional images, catchy reels, and more. From creating your Facebook business page and regularly uploading posts to replying to potential customers' queries - we do it all. Further, we manage Facebook Ads for you, which include video ads, lead ads, engagement ads, carousel ads, as well as boosted posts. We are also well-versed in smart remarketing, demographic and behavioral targeting, and performance monitoring through Facebook Pixel.

Instagram Marketing

Level up your user engagement rates with our Instagram marketing expertise. We offer complete Instagram management services that will build your brand's image and maintain all of your organic and paid campaigns on the platform. With high-end visuals, Instagram stories & reels, aesthetic images, short and catchy videos, interactive bios, live rooms, and one-tap shopping destinations - the dynamic ecosystem of Instagram can help you generate visibility and drive brand awareness. From analyzing new strategies and managing your page and posts, to monitoring comments and competitors - our services are focused on getting you the best returns.

YouTube Marketing

You cannot miss out on YouTube if you want to improve your brand awareness, influence buying decisions, and boost conversions. We provide high quality video creation and promotion services that are focused on bringing to viewers the primary USPs and philosophies of your brand. From product launch videos to special offer videos and more - our team of marketing professionals will analyze your brand, its services, and your requirements to create top-notch videos and a marketing strategy that just works! Our YouTube marketing campaigns are focused on increasing your subscriber count, improving views, generating customer engagement & interaction, and driving traffic to your website.

LinkedIn Marketing

Drive your visibility among professional networks, improve your connections, and get better leads through LinkedIn. While traditionally linked to B2B businesses, B2C companies too can benefit from an authoritative presence on LinkedIn. Our marketers ensure that your brand stands out on the platform with the help of professionally written articles, high quality images, carousel posts, InMail marketing, retargeting, growing your email marketing list, and joining pertinent groups and discussions as well to drive visibility and traffic to your website. Our LinkedIn marketing services are geared towards a compelling image and amazing results.

Professional Social Media Marketing Agency India – Agile Work Approach

As a leading social media marketing agency India, we adopt a results-driven approach. From analysing your business nature and competitors to determining the target audience, content creation to publishing on the respective platforms, auditing the campaigns to providing you with a detailed monthly report – we do it all. The cherry on the top is our optimal customer service.

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As a full-time social media marketing agency in India, we have a dedicated team of expert marketers who develop bespoke
campaigns for your business. Hire social media marketing experts from us to lead your brand toward popularity.

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